Wood Playhouse Plans

Build A Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Playhouse

Build Your Own Backyard Playhouse

With wood playhouse plans you can build a retreat for your children they will enjoy for a long time!

How to get your children outdoors, off the video games, active and healthy! The best advice to all parents is making them play and give them an area to play! Build them a tree house, a fort and maybe even some playground equipment.

Build it and they will come, build it and they will play. The NFL launched their “Play 60” campaign to get kids playing an hour a day. Nickelodeon TV goes off the air on certain Saturdays during the year and they call it Nickelodeons “Day of Play”. Why are these companies doing this? In a nutshell our kids need less video screen time and more physical activity! Our children are becoming unhealthy and it is up to you their parents to keep them active.

We need safe, fun and entertaining places for our kids to be kids! They need a place to play off all that energy. If you want your child to:

  • Sleep well at night
  • Be at a healthy weight
  • Have focus in school
  • Be self sufficient
  • Have an active life that’s less prone to disease?

You need to get them outdoors playing and with these wood playhouse plans you can accomplish that. Children have all that energy to burn and they need a safe haven to burn it. Please realize the world isn’t as safe as it used to be so the first step is to keep them in the area.

The first step in this DIY project is to see your child’s face light up tonight? Ask them if they want to build a tree house, a fort, a swing set, or even a small house they can call their own in the corner of your yard.

Bring them outside and show them the area (Print off some plans and pictures of projects) and help them visualize what their outdoor space will look like before they chose their future fun spot! That’s important, this is their project and you as their parents have all the time in the world to help them build it.

Let the little ones tell you what they want and let them realize their dreams and what it’s like to build them. One of the greatest life lessons you can teach your kids is, having a goal, planning the goal and making it happen.

Don’t stop there they need to help you build their dream. Even when things are boring or hard or it’s hot out, make them have a role in every step. No matter what profession your child lands in when they grow up, teaching your young ones “Do it Yourself” is an invaluable lesson.

Having a little construction background can go a long way and you never know when you’re going to need it. Basic knowledge of building a structure is not only primitive but sometimes necessary!

As a parent you know that you want your children to always remember the time Dad/Mom helped design and build that really cool (Insert your child’s ideas here). Most seasoned parent will tell you that in a blink of an eye your little ones will be starting a life on their own. Involving your child in helping you build an outdoor space that they can call their own is an invaluable lesson of love.

Benefits include staring out your window at happy children physically playing, a little exercise yourself building a project and endless smiles in your child‘s eye’s! Get to work today on building your families future, if you do it right the project will increase your property value and bring endless love and gratitude from your healthy children.

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