Tiny House Hammocks | The ideal relaxing solution for a small space

Hammocks – The ideal solution for the tiny house

Hammocks – The ideal relaxing solution for the tiny house!

Before we get into tiny house hammocks, what the heck is all the fuss about the tiny house movement?

The tiny house lifestyle is a huge trend towards downsizing and building tiny houses, people looking for their first home or others that are tired of huge mortgage payments are opting for a tiny house solution.

The tiny house has the advantage of low cost living (in most cases no mortgage or rent). It also allows you to move to a new location if there is a job transfer or you are growing tired of your current location.

When you decide on a tiny house and end up with no mortgage (if purchasing with cash) you will have resources for doing other things in life like traveling or tackling a new career move.

If you want this type of living it is a lifestyle change and will require careful planning before making the plunge because once you are committed it may not be so easy to turn back.

The disadvantage of tiny house living

The downside to a tiny home is the small footprint, you will need to downsize everything in your life so if it is not necessary then it needs to go, there will be lots of compromising!

The item that takes up the most space is furniture but you will need seating or relaxing options and perhaps an extra bed for guests, usually a large pull out couch is not going to work.

That is where the tiny house hammock comes into play they make an excellent option for chairs by using a hammock chair or a regular hammock for an extra bed or additional seating.

The ideal type is a non-spreader bar hammock would be perfect because they will take up less space.

Another advantage to the hammock solution is when it is not in use you can take it down freeing up more space to move around.
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