Tiny House Designs & Floor Plans Under 1000 Square Feet

Tiny House Designs & Floor Plans

What Exactly Is The Tiny House Movement?

In simple terms it is a social movement by people that want a simple life and one of the factors is downsizing their living quarters.

The average tiny house designs and floor plans show the average modern home is approximately 2000+ square feet; by contrast a typical tiny home may be approximately 100 to 500 square.

As of now there is no set standard what constitutes a tiny house, the small house movement can be seen in all forms, different sizes and a variety of shapes depending on individual taste.

Typically the home is built on a trailer the idea being it can be moved almost anywhere in the country, which gives the individual a sense of freedom. Have a new job offer several states away? No problem, just hitch up to your tiny house trailer and away you go! Getting tired of the cold weather? No worries move your tiny house to a warmer climate!

It should be noted that the larger the dwelling the more difficult the move will be, in some cases it may require a professional moving service which needs to be factored in your budget.

Tiny House Living Lifestyle

Today you have options other than a large house with a large mortgage and it seems people are opting out of high rent and steep mortgage payments by building living smaller in a tiny home. One of their goals is to simplify their lives, save money, enjoy life more and this is the perfect lifestyle for that.

Small house plans under 1000 square feet require very careful planning because every square inch needs to be utilized to the fullest. You will need to consider small room ideas instead of a layout that would normally be the norm in a modern house plan.

With a house on wheels it is all about simple house design and making it as light as possible without compromising the integrity of the structure because it may be hauled long distances in the future.

Whether you want a tiny house on a trailer that will go where you go or a permanent home on your own plot of land there is a design that will work for you. Your tiny house designs & floor plans are only limited by your imagination and you will have to be creative given the square footage you will have to work with.

With some creative thinking and design skills you will be able to create a home that has all the comforts of a larger space without a hefty mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities.
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Fun Facts Regarding Small Home Living!

Your little life can be permanent or portable! Watch for probable villages popping up in rural areas, by lakes or possibly cities everywhere! The portability of your home enables you to go camping or too huge events like Nascar, music festivals, and tailgating.

No matter portable or permanent the fact is every one of these cozy homes are built on a trailer. If you decide to go lakeside or to an event like a big game, forget about having to pack, just bring your home.

Tiny homes can also be permanent and if you have a fantasy of living isolated, maybe off the grid this type of dwelling is appealing to folks that want to live subsistence. The appeal of solar powering your home makes the isolation and disconnect from society possible.

Couples that want to be alone and individuals that want to live somewhat away from society with nature, yes a tiny home may be for you. Go buy a plot on a mountain top, some lake property, or land next to a cave these houses can take you anywhere.

For those of us that want to pull away from chaos and disconnect, relocate and live with nature? Smaller home living is the solution. Especially for those of you that do not trust your skills in building structure!

Sure you can gather fire wood, hunt, have survival skills and would love to try living away from society. OMG What If it didn’t work out? Well heck your home is portable. Another would be live subsistence in the summer…and relocate your cottage to Arizona or Florida in the winter.

Why All The Fuss About Going Small?

This living in “tiny home nation” is made for couples or singles that just do not need the headaches of home ownership. Individual’s sick of cleaning monstrosities of floor space! Folks that are tired of outdoor yard keep, mowing etc. People like you that are attracted to living more not more work!

As wages stay the same in America you may be out to seek relief and a future. If you’re just getting started in life research and figure out a tiny home game plan. It could be perfect, even if you have or are planning a small child.

Chances are as your family grows you may want to sell off your tiny asset and use the funding for a home to raise the kids. Or make the necessary adjustments to keep living the small home lifestyle.

Tiny Living Is Ideal For Someone That Has Retired.

As we get a little older cleaning, maintenance, expense of a huge house doesn’t fit into the next level of a retiree’s life. Their home and property does not meet the budget, hard work and unexpected expenses of seniors. Add in the fact their home can go anywhere.

Forget about loading up the camper or RV! Hookup your house to your vehicle and run off and see America, your children and grand children. Going tiny means more money on a senior Americans sometimes restricted budget! More funds leads to resources to do the things seniors deserve like hunt, golf, travel, see the world without ever needing to pack and never having to pay for a hotel!

Should I Build Or Buy My Tiny Home?

Building a tiny home on your own from scratch would take a home-builder that understands the material, developing blueprints and the construction that goes into standard home construction. It would take the knowledge of building a standard home, plumbing, HVAC, power and construction and roofing skills will all required.

Plus you will need some manpower. If you’re thinking of making the home solar powered that will take some education or working with someone to how specializes in solar panels.

Lowe’s, Menards and Home Depot and other home improvement stores have DIY home kits for standard homes built in your neighborhood. Blueprints are developed from those on file, trusses are usually pre-built, and all the wood is cut to specs.

All the materials you need from every nut, bolt, siding, shingles and screw are delivered to your plot of land and you or your contractor get to assemble.

Smaller home construction is no different!  Kits are an option as well. Here is your bonus; the kits are on a much smaller scale of standard home construction and far less expensive! Little home kits have everything you need to put your home together at a far saner, scaled down price.

Off course you can buy a home complete with trailer. You do not have to be a do it yourself type to want to enjoy a smaller life. The most expensive tiny home and trailer we have seen on the market is approximately $60,000 or more.

There may be more expensive models out there, none of them as expensive as a huge home!  Comparatively they are far less expensive then lot rent and the purchase cost of a manufactured home or trailer home!

Recreational vehicles are also very expensive and senior citizen is sometimes uncomfortable driving these buses. Hooking up their house to a vehicle normally driven in everyday life versus trucking down the road in a vehicle as large as some semi’s is losing appeal to elder society.

Safety, comfort and arriving at their final destination seem to be serving as a more comfortable niche for active seniors.

Tiny Homes Are Not Meant For Large Families?

If you are planning on raising or in the middle of growing a family it wouldn’t be the typical way to raise your family. I am in not in any way suggesting that you don’t consider living smaller. It is fact you would probably need a few tiny headquarters depending on your family size.

Having said that a family of 6 or more could be a real challenge in a tiny home that has 200 or less square feet.

Purchasing That First Home.

We have all experienced a friendship with a couple that’s just getting started in life. Friends that may have over extended themselves on the purchase of a home, making them house poor. Needless to say the only place you will usually see these couples is in the financial prison that is their home.

We all want home ownership and know it’s important but we need to exercise caution when making the largest purchase of our lives.
Tiny House Living Quarters

We all want the American Dream! The home and white picket fence that goes with it, but we also want a life. Young couples home ownership is always a good idea, please consider getting started by living tiny?

Begin your family in your little cottage and use the money saved going small as a resource for payment towards home ownership.

Small Dwellings Leave Less Of A Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint? This definition comes to us from our friends at timeforchange.org
A carbon footprint is defined as: The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Meaning: When you heat your home with fossil fuel or coal, you also generate CO2. Electric heat, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of Carbon Dioxide.

Solar energy and wind is currently the most logical and earth saving way to leave less of a carbon footprint and clean up our environment. Solar electricity really makes sense for miniature home living.

The more square footage of home you own the more resources such as gas, oil, coal and electricity you will be burning into the environment. Bigger homes are more expensive to heat, cool, and power which leads to larger carbon emissions. Small dwellings emit less of a carbon footprint because they are tiny, less space to heat and cool.

Maybe A Smaller World?

Welcome to a smaller world! Maybe it’s time for you to downsize and re-appropriate funds and resources? Big homes are costly, involve large spaces to clean, tax increases, insurance, up keep and steal a ton of your precious time.

Live anywhere-on a mountain top, by a fresh water lake or near the sand and the beach. Save your money for the golf course, beach, campground, visiting your kids, or a cruise. “Go Tiny When You Go Home” The life you’ve dreamed of escaping may be by downsizing and joining “Tiny Home Nation”.

If you are looking for a small house design with a floor plan already laid out you may want to consider Tumbleweed tiny house options they have been designing and building beautiful small houses for a long time!

Tiny House Trailer Guide

When you are ready to make the leap to the tiny house lifestyle one of the first considerations after you have done your floor plan is looking at trailers for a tiny house. A tiny house trailer will be different than most trailers because of the load requirements and the towing factors.
Tiny House Trailers

There are several important factors to consider:


The tires need to be heavy load capable and can’t be the typical trailer tire system because of extra weight of the tiny home it is wise not to invest in a cheap tire and make sure the provider has taken that into consideration, most already have but it is wise to check.

The Trailer Frame:

Another consideration is the frame material and design strength, is there any wood used or is it all steel? If steel is it powder coated for longevity and it there is any wood in the construction has it been treated to resist rotting?

The Axle System:

Are the axles on the trailer heavy duty so it can handle the load? The length of the trailer and the size of the tiny house (gross weight) would determine the axle load capacity and whether you will need 2 axles or 3.

The Deck:

The deck needs to be flat and level so construction of the tiny house frame will be level and not have trailer bed issues; it is also a good idea that the fenders are constructed in a fashion that will allow more room for construction.

Braking & Electrical:

Will you need some type of running lights? Also it is a wise idea to invest in a trailer that has an electric barking system.

Besides these factors some of the other considerations that will need to be addressed are:

What length trailer will you need? (Are there options in your floor plan that will require a certain length)?

Will you pick up or need delivery service?

How wide will your trailer need to be and is there a custom option for a wider trailer?

Do you want a standard trailer hitch or a goose neck? (Goose neck is the type that mounts in the bed of a pickup)

Would you need a drop axle option? If so there is more than likely going to be an additional fee.

Finally the last consideration is the trailer going to be fully legal which would include a VIN number and ready for you to license it?

More than likely you will have to travel a bit to find a builder and it is very wise to consider a builder that specializes in tiny home construction because they will have the experience and know the demands of a tiny house trailer.

Living the tiny house life requires a lot of compromise because you will be giving up possessions and square footage, but you do not want to compromise when selecting your tiny house trailer!


Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Floor Plane Elm Model

Tiny House Floor Plan Cypress Model

Latest Update On The Tiny House Movement!

The housing market in Hawaii can be downright painful, there is limited space, prices are high and demand is still going strong so perhaps there is a new tiny house future for the aloha state to learn more visit this page.

8/19/16 Latest Tiny House Update:

Want a chance of getting a tiny house free? Then check out this page for information about the giveaway that is being held by Hard Rock Hotel. The giveaway is September 3rd and you do not need to take the model displayed.

You can opt to take the cash and have your own tiny house built.