Make A Chess Board | A fun DIY project for a chess fan!

Make A Chess Board

Chess fan and a do it yourself type?

If you are a chess player that is handy with some basic woodworking tools and a DIY weekend warrior attitude you can make a chess board with these step by step plans.

Everything that you need to complete this project is laid out in an easy to understand format including a complete materials list, including excellent images to follow along.

If that is not enough there is even a section dedicated to making a storage area for your chess pieces for safe keeping.

So you can keep it simple with just the chess board or build a chess piece storage board!

Wait you don’t have any chessmen?

No worries there is a template and instructions for carving out your own set of wooden chess pieces, so there you have it, step by step instructions and as a bonus storage instructions and chessmen.

This project will not require a lot of time, skill set or that much money, the materials listed can also be substituted with materials that you would rather use or have readily available.

Making the chess board from your own design sense.

You can also stain the board with whatever color you decide, but remember it is a good idea to keep the design and color of your chess pieces in mind when doing so they match up with the board.

After assembly is complete and you have stained the board you can follow the instructions for building a frame around it or design your own frame that will suit your taste and design style by choosing wood that you like.

Enjoying the board game chess.

Chess is amazing board game that is not that difficult to learn how to play but it would take many years of playing to reach the caliber of a Grandmaster Chess Champion.

So you better get started with this project now!

If you would rather just purchase a chess board or get some design ideas go here.