Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Beginners

Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Beginners

Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors!

When you think about all the reasons why you may want to grow your own herbs indoors all you have to do is think about your favorite recipes and how wonderful they would be with fresh herbs. This entire space is dedicated to talking about an indoor herb garden kit for beginners and what it may involve and how you can benefit.

Over the years grow light technology has dramatically improved making it far easier to start your own herb garden and the reason indoors is a great place to start is obvious, you can do it any time of the year and the plants are at your fingertips.

This Is Not A New Idea Just A New System

This idea is certainly not a new one, for years kitchen gardeners have been using their window sills to grow their favorite herbs, however the conditions may not always be ideal on the window sill for a serious yield so it may require a little more planning and an ideal environment that will almost guarantee your success, that is where the kit comes into play.

An herb kit will provide the ideal growing environment, supplying the right amount of light and a growing space to yield the herbs or other plants that you desire. It is a good idea to start a project like this small and then after you have improved your skills you can expand into a larger outdoor or indoor area if you desire.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Beginners

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There are endless possibilities with developing a garden area, you can start small with an indoor kit and later expand into a large area either indoors (with you have the space) or outdoors, you can even sell your crops to a local markets market vendor or set up a booth of your own.

But before we get carried away with the future the best place to start is at the beginning and what type of herbs or plants you want to start with. The herb kit featured here includes Genovese Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Curly Parsley, Dill and Mint, however you are not limited to those selections, after or before your initial success you can add from a variety of vegetables or other plants.

The unique feature of this beginner kit is that it doesn’t require any soil, so you just add a selected pod, some water and watch the plants grow, which they will do five times faster than in soil.

Here are just a few features of this grow kit:

Grow Herbs Vegetables Or Flowers Year Round

With its compact design you can place it on a countertop and it requires a very small footprint, it is also attractive so it will not be an eye sore. The system is designed to be automated so you do not have to do anything other than add water or plant food; the rest is done for you, the control panel will alert you if it needs attention.

The setup is easy and will only require a few minutes, no dealing with planting soil and the mess it can create. Since everything you need to get started is included in the kit you will be up and running in no time and have fresh plants at your disposal.

So How Long Will It Take For Herbs?

Most herbs will reach germination in about seven to fourteen days and you will be to able to harvest in approximately four to six weeks, not only that but you will have a yield for up to six months and perhaps longer, depending on the plant.

So What Do I Have To Do?

Simple just add the water and plant food! This herb kit uses an advanced hydroponic system to create the perfect growing environment, supplying the right amount of water, light, nutrients and oxygen your plants need to excel. The system meters out the right amount of water and food your plants need automatically.

The Smart Led Lighting System uses LED lights which are far more efficient than standard florescent grow lights. The system is designed to optimize the light spectrum and it delivers the concentrated light necessary for optimal growth of your plants.

The system grows plants 5 times faster than plants grown indoors using typical garden potting soil. The adjustable lamp arm allows a growing space of 12 inches for high yields and plant variety. The kit could literally pay for itself depending on what you choose to grow and how much you consume.

Fresh Is Healthy And Taste Great

There have been studies that suggest lettuce grown in the kit contains more Vitamin C than lettuce purchased at a local grocery chain. There is nothing better than fresh produce for a garden salad or adding to your favorite recipes.

No Pesticides Non-GMO No Herbicides

Non GMO has been in the news lately and there are none present in the kit seeds or other pods that you can purchase as long as they are from the same source as the kit. Many of the seed pods are of heirloom quality so you can be assured the best quality plants.

But I Don’t Have A Green Thumb!

Then this Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Beginners is perfect for you and designed with you in mind, the system does all the work so you don’t have to worry about whether you are doing everything right. You may have a green thumb but just may not have the time to tend to an herb garden, again this is the perfect system because it doesn’t require a lot of your time to benefit from fresh herbs or plants.

A Few Common Questions About Indoor Herb Kit

Question: Is the system loud?

Answer: Customers have stated their ice maker was louder than the system.

Question: Does the system require 220 volt or will it run on it?

Answer: The system runs on normal household 110 volt.

Question: Can I customize the kit and grow other plants together?

Answer: Yes you can! In fact there are pod kits designed especially for that purpose.