Firewood Storage Shed Plans | DIY Firewood Project

Firewood Storage Shed Plans

Keeping your firewood dry during the wet months.

Firewood Storage Shed Plans are a great starting point for this DIY project that will keep you firewood dry and insect free.

The storing and keeping your firewood dry can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have the right storage facility.

Tarps have a tendency to trap moisture, which can lead to rotting of your wood, not to mention the
hassle if you have to deal with snow load.

The creepy crawling insects love a wood pile.

Since firewood is an organic material it may attract unwanted crawling visitors into your firewood storage area, including but not limited to termites, ants, spiders and numerous other bugs.

Keeping the moisture under control can help along with other measures especially if your storage is enclosed.

Where the wood comes from matters.

Maintaining quality control when it comes to storing your firewood can go a long way to how well it

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will last and what it may attract.

If you are buying your firewood make sure to inspect it carefully for any evidence of premature rotting or the presence of burrowing insects.

Give me shelter.

The best solution for proper care of your wood investment is to build a firewood storage shed, it can be something as simple as a lean to approach or if you are really ambitious you can construct a completely enclosed shed with a floor.

Keeping your wood supply off the dirt will keep it dry and you will be able to control the insect problem much better.

Every good project starts with a good plan.

Before you start your storage shed project it may be a good idea to get a set of Firewood Storage Shed Plans. Consider it your road map to the perfect build, without making a lot of costly mistakes.

Building plans will give you an idea for a materials list, step by step planning which in turn will save you too many trips to your home improvement store.

If you are a journeyman carpenter then this is not for you because most could do this project in their sleep but for the rest of you DIY type start off on the right foot with a good set of plans!