Do It Yourself Rooting Hormone

Do It Yourself Rooting Hormone

Homemade plant rooting hormone

For those who do not know what rooting hormone is before we start the do it yourself rooting hormone project, it is also known as willow water and simply put it is homemade plant rooting hormone that will help the growth of your roots from the cuttings you want to propagate.

Since it is referred to as willow water you guessed it the willow plant is where all the magic is, so big deal why all the fuss? The main reason is it is free of cost but more importantly free of chemicals. So if having an organic garden or plants is important to you then read on.

It is simple, fast and you can store it in your refrigerator for two months so you can make a supply well in advance and use as needed.

So why the willow tree?

There are two components in the willow tree that will promote root growth, Salicylic acid and Indolebutyric acid, if that sounds familiar it is because it is, look at the ingredients in an aspirin bottle.

The acids presence in the water ward off fungi, bacteria, infections and this will give your cuttings the boost they need to flourish and promote the rooting process.

The most common willow is referred to as the weeping willow because of its long branches that bend over giving the appearance of it weeping.

So is there a better time for this process?

The school of thought is that the best time to do this process is in the spring; however don’t let that stop you because it can be done any time of the year, so you can make willow water in the dead of winter!

You can have a window sill full of cuttings all year long from a variety of plants!

So enough with the introduction learn more here!