Do It Yourself Chicken Coops

Chicken coop plans and designs

Chicken Coop Plans

Why on earth would you want to raise your own chickens? Good question until you realize what it is that you will get in return. There was and still is a good reason our forefathers raised their own livestock and poultry.
But with all critters there needs to be the housing issue and the zoning laws. Your local government branch can handle the zoning laws and as for the housing you can get help with that as well.


The Joy Of Raising Chickens!

It is really not that hard to raise chickens right in your backyard!
With some common sense planning it can be an enjoyable hobby that will pay you dividends!
  1. It might be a good idea to pass on the roosters unless you live in the country!
  2. Chickens are social (like us) so it is better to have more than one!
  3. Your chickens will not need a rooster to lay eggs!
  4. Your chickens can make enjoyable pets and they don’t BARK!


The Benefits Of Raising Your Own Chickens!DIY Chicken Coop Plans

If you have experienced organic products you know how expensive they can be, however the idea of going organic is very appealing or in the case of chicken, free range. That being the case if you have the ability to do so then why not build a chicken coop and raise your own chickens?

Building a chicken coop could be the best investment you have in your backyard for several reasons:

1.They do not require as much attention or care as some other pets do.

2. You will have great tasting eggs because you can control their diet, as they eat so do you.

3. They are great at keeping insects at bay, chickens love bugs and will keep your backyard bug free.

4. They can be funny loving pets that are enjoyable to have around.

5. They have a very rich by product that is excellent for your yard or garden!

Chicken Coop Tractors May Be The Answer To Range Free Chicken Problems!

So you have moved to your dream farm location and are looking forward to raising prize chickens for fresh organic eggs. Maybe you had visions of them scurrying across your yard, chasing all sorts of bugs, and scratching in the dirt for more. But then the facts of country living came to the forefront in the form of raccoon, roaming dogs and neighbors who may not share your vision for organic eggs.

So the next plan of action would be to confine your prize hens in a hen house or pen, however you will find most chickens always find a way out of their confinement and you will find them placidly scratching in the dirt of the neighbor’s driveway or being chased by their dog!

Another feature of chickens is like us they have preferences and they will decide where they will lay their eggs and it may not be the area you provided, so what is the answer to these problems and more? Enter the chicken coop tractor! A chicken coop tractor is designed to house your hens in an open area but can easily be moved when they have used the area they are in.

Since chickens like to scratch for their food and fertilize the lawn at the same time it won’t be long before they will wear out the lawn or pasture area. If you prefer to let your hens roam to have access to fresh, green grass, insects, and whatever else they found in addition to the feed you give them, yet need to protect them the tractor design is an ideal solution.

Chicken coop tractors come in many styles and designs but the end result is the same, they are portable and will have an enclosed pen with an open bottom and a nesting/roosting area. It is kept as lightweight as possible so that it can be moved from place to place on the homestead on a daily or weekly basis, providing the chickens with a fresh environment.

Because it is completely enclosed the chicken cannot get out, nor can predators easily get in.If you prefer you can lock your chickens up in the hen house overnight as a safety measure, however during the day a chicken tractor is the perfect spot.

Raising Your Own Chickens? 4 Foods They Really Enjoy!Do It Yourself Chicken Coops

Your flock will enjoy all the table scraps you can give them, that is of course less the bones and citrus peels. Chickens are not very fussy and will consume just about anything from your kitchen table.
Something that may come as a bit of a surprise is they like fish and meat. But if you need to supplement their diet as well you may consider growing their food or purchasing other goodies for them. Some of the foods they enjoy are:
1. They really love mealworms!
You can raise them yourself or find a worm source in your local market, yes there will be a worm person somewhere.
2. An excellent protein source!
Soldier fly larvae is a excellent delicacy for your chickens and they love them as well! Again like mealworms you can harvest them as well.
3. All sorts of grains!
Now here is an easy one to purchase or grow your own and the list is long including wheat, rye, corn, oats, barley and the legumes. There is also the option of planting and harvesting bird seed, but you need to consider your needs and the growing environment that you have available.
4. Eat your veggies!
How many times did you hear that growing up? Well your hens love their vegetables!
Now about those eggs, you do not need a rooster to have eggs because the job description of the rooster is to fertilize the eggs. So if you do not intend to raise chicks yourself or sell them it is not necessary to have a rooster. Your neighbors will agree on this idea!
For your chickens to have strong egg shells, your hens will need a source of calcium. You can purchase oyster shells in bulk and toss a scoop every few days. Hens that do not get enough calcium will lay thin shell eggs that will be easily broken. If your flock gets to forage a lot in a large yard or pasture area they will more than likely get enough calcium from that.
The final consideration is to make sure they have an ample water supply because like us they need their water! Depending on what type of container you use they will more than likely get debris in it because they love to scratch for their food, so it is necessary to keep it clean.

To learn more about building your own chicken coop click here!


Tired of Recalls? Looking for Safe Eggs? Grow Your Own!

>If you are going tired of recalls and getting concerned about your egg sources you are not alone. So what is the problem? It is simple; you have no control over eggs that you have to purchase from the store. So what are your choices? You can get your favorite breakfast item from an organic farm or you can raise chickens and produce your own eggs!The idea of raising your own chickens may seem a bit farfetched at first but there are thousands of people are doing exactly that and has spawned a new term the urban chickens!
After considering your location and your city zoning laws the only other item to consider is where you will keep your new brood. Your chickens need to be kept safe at night from predators and the neighbor’s dog, so you will probably need some type of hen house for protection. You can purchase hen houses online, at a local source or get some chicken coop plans and build a house yourself.

Taking matters into your own hands can be very rewarding on several different levels, not only will you have an excellent source for fresh safe eggs you will also have a rewarding hobby. You can even turn this new hobby into a small enterprise because not only will you produce your own eggs but you would be able to raise chicks for resale and even produce enough eggs for resale! You can start your brood small until you get the hang of it and then if you decide you can scale up your operation. Whether you decide to keep it as a small hobby or turn it into a small business the most rewarding aspect is you are in complete control of the outcome!