DIY Home Solar Panel Systems

DIY Solar Systems For Saving Energy

How can DIY home solar panel systems benefit you and your energy cost?

DIY Home Solar Panel Systems


In just one second the sun produces 118 times more energy as the United States used in the year 2003. Granted only one billionth of that total energy reaches mother earth, yet it’s just the right amount to keep us alive.

It’s also the abundant dosage we need to provide energy to our homes, cars and the mobile device you are probably reading this valuable information on.

How do you harness the power of the sun to save money and possibly make money? New technologies on the market are being considered a game changer in producing energy.

It enables absolutely anyone to effortlessly create sustainable energy resources without spending a fortune. In fact it is an investment and can make you money.

Before we talk about why your utility bills are most definitely going to go through the roof, lets look at some fun facts about solar energy!

·   DIY  Home Solar Panel Systems are affordable.

·   Solar Panels have no moving parts, they generate thousands of hours of electricity with little or no maintenance.

·   Solar panels should last your lifetime or longer.

·   No you do not have to cover your whole roof in blinding solar panels for FREE ELECTRICITY.

·   You are not required to be on the power grid by any law.

·   The Government Incentives you thru tax breaks for purchasing solar energy systems, on average 20-30% of the cost of the system.

·   You can sell excess electricity, that’s right, make that meter move backwards and resupply the grid? In turn most power companies gladly buy or credit you for recharging the network.

Solar Fun Facts

How fun is that. Turn the mileage on your electric meter backwards and the power company may send you a big fat check. Solar technology is constantly getting more innovative and affordable!

Installs of these earth saving systems increase around 50% every year. Most of these systems are being installed by people just like you wanting to come off the grid.

Why come off the grid? Great question!

California’s power problems are just the start of the decline of an antiquated power system started in the late 1800’s. Around the same time radio signals, the zipper, the motorcycle and the microphone were invented. The grid is deteriorating as fast as our nation’s infrastructure.

Doing your part by “Going Solar” by using DIY home solar systems will help alleviate the pressure on the electric network and you won’t be stuck paying for the expense of updating and upgrading our antiquated system. Let’s face it the utility companies and government won’t be paying for an upgraded grid, utility customers will and that could be you!

Global Warming And Our Future!

Global warming is reality, climate change and new regulations on power plants and the pollution they create is killing coal! Coal burning electricity provides for about 40% of our countries electricity and the emissions from these plants are drastically getting cut, shutting some facilities down.

Our cheapest, most abundantly used energy source, coal has some big laws to comply with and this will affect your utility bills. The changes are paving the way for renewable, cleaner, greener energy sources such as solar and wind.

There are clear warnings coming out of Washington D.C. telling us to brace for an extreme increase in energy bills! Sure we hear a lot of B.S. from Washington, why not take this seriously? For anything the health of our planet is at stake!

You do not need to depend on a big utility company to keep the lights on, when solar energy has never been more affordable? Yes some solar systems can run tens of thousands of dollars (which power small castles by the way). Then there are the affordable starter kits to get you downloading the suns FREE energy for a few hundred bucks.

Let’s do some more solar fun facts:

· Space Vehicles run on solar power.

· Germany is the top country using solar power followed by China, Italy, Japan and the United States ranking in at 5th.

· Solar energy can heat your water and heat up a swimming pool.

· You can charge batteries with solar energy.

· Solar Energy is bringing power to rural villages and tribes.

· The United States Military is going solar.

How The Military Is Using Solar

Isn’t that incredible? The U.S. Military not only uses solar panels for power in remote areas on foreign soil but they have made a huge commitment to the solar energy movement. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association the sun is crucial to securing and distributing affordable energy!

The department of defense is committed to supplying one quarter of its energy needs from the sun by 2025. Military people who have seen combat will tell you it’s even more aggressive then stated in the press!

Many of our enlisted personnel coming back from combat have a keen knowledge of solar electricity! Service men and women are transitioning their education into personal use of the sun to power their homes and build mobile generators!

A few of our hero’s are even using this information to start their own companies, helping people save money and make money on solar energy.

You don’t have to be educated by the United States Military to transition your homes power to solar! In fact it could start as just a hobby with a few panels supplementing your home energy and may turn into complete energy independence or a prosperous career.

Do you want to be singing “You are my Sunshine” all the way to the bank? New technology on the market is being considered a game changer in producing energy for your home. It enables absolutely anyone to effortlessly create sustainable energy resources without spending a fortune! Go solar it’s as free as the sun and will never leave you blacked out in the dark!

Solar News Update:

Governor Jerry Brown of California signs a solar bill for low income renters making it the largest in the nation. This means that solar is not just for homeowners with disposable income.

The bill will allow the installation of solar rooftop panel systems on low income housing so the tenants can realize the benefits of pollution free electricity.

The low income family can be hit hard because a large portion of their monthly expenses are for energy with this bill it will take off some of that pressure.

California in many ways is setting the stage for the rest of the nation there is legislation that will allow lower increase rates for solar products as well as other programs that may appear once the benefit of solar energy if fully realized.