Craft Ideas Using Old Blue Jeans

Craft Ideas Using Old Blue Jeans

Re-Purpose Your Old Blue Jeans

They are your trusted go to comfy pants your old denim jeans, after they have been washed about a hundred times and faded. Use these craft ideas using old blue jeans when their time is over and you can no longer keep them together.

There are countless items you can craft out of denim and it is going to be very durable after all look how long they lasted after you tortured them to death. All the stains, tears and physical abuse you put them through.

Then after countless wash and dry cycles they finally feel comfortable, only then were they truly broken it. But all good things must come to an end and such is it with the jeans.

They were a good friend but now it is time to let them go to become useful in another way, denim can keep on going but just in a different capacity. Maybe it will end up as an apron, a holder on the wall for art supplies or maybe a quilt.

You can use other colors as well it doesn’t have to be blue jeans, there are several other colors that would pop when put to use as a DIY project.

Craft ideas using old blue jeans are really endless when you think about it because anything that is made with fabric can be applied using denim; we will have to pull the plug on the wedding dress!

Instead of investing in a high dollar backpack try using some old blue jeans to make your own backpack or other parcel for carry anything from your lunch to your laptop and all the accessories.

Put on your thinking cap and come up with some of your own ideas, you can go to this page for some inspiration. Just don’t cut up a pair that has some life in them!