How To – Build Cheap Easy Greenhouses

How To - Build Cheap Easy Greenhouses

Build Your Own Backyard Greenhouse

Most gardening enthusiasts may like the idea of having their own greenhouse in their backyard; however purchasing one can be a challenge if you are gardening on a budget.  This post is a How To – Build Cheap Easy Greenhouses.

Did you know you can make small greenhouses from everyday items around the house? Some of these items are old windows or even empty plastic soda bottles, to name but a few.

For some fantastic ideas for creating a diy greenhouse with everyday items go to this page for several different options, you can copy these plans or they may give you some of your own ideas.

One of the first factors you will need to consider is what size you want to start with, if it is your first greenhouse it might be wise to start small and then expand once you know you are going to enjoy the entire process.

You may want a large unit but the larger it is the more time it will take to maintain and harvest your plants. Also you will need to decide if you want to do it year round.

The next item on your greenhouse list is what you want to grow; will it be vegetables, flowers, other plants or all of the above? The type of plants you want will determine the space you will need plus the time it will require on your part.

The next element is placement, do you have enough space? If space is not a concern then the next order of business is the greenhouse orientation, because you will want as much sunlight as possible.

Once you have figured out your growing goals and figured out the size you desire then it is time to put together a materials list you too can Build Cheap Easy Greenhouses.