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DIY Hammock Stand Plans
No trees for your hammock? No problem build your own hammock stand. Not all of us have towering trees divided[...]
DIY Dog House Kit – DIY Wood Doghouse
Get A DIY Doghouse For Your Dog! How does it work? You order the kit and when it arrives at[...]
How To – Build Cheap Easy Greenhouses
Build Your Own Backyard Greenhouse Most gardening enthusiasts may like the idea of having their own greenhouse in their backyard;[...]
DIY Calming Glitter Jar | Mind Calming Exercise
How to make your own DIY Calming Glitter Jar First what is it and what does it do? Your DIY[...]
How To Bend Wood To Make Furniture | DIY Video
DIY wood bending techniques for a variety of furniture projects. This video shows you how you can actually bend wood[...]
Indoor Herb Garden Kit For Beginners
Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors! When you think about all the reasons why you may want to grow your own[...]
DIY Backyard Clothesline | Build Your Own Clothesline
Build Your Own Outdoor Clothesline If you were lucky enough to have grown up on a farm or in earlier[...]
DIY Apple Preserving From Your Own Kitchen
DIY Apple Preserving At Home Fall is just around the corner and if you are lucky enough to have an[...]
Do It Yourself Rooting Hormone
Homemade plant rooting hormone For those who do not know what rooting hormone is before we start the do it[...]
Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits
Sliding Barn Door Ideas For some great Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits and ideas take some time to browse this post[...]
Craft Ideas Using Old Blue Jeans
Re-Purpose Your Old Blue Jeans They are your trusted go to comfy pants your old denim jeans, after they have[...]
Building Your Own Privacy Fence
What are the reasons for building your own privacy fence? Never mind it’s none of our business! We understand your[...]

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How to build a tiny house

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Rabbit hutch ideas

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DIY Building A Dog House

Dog House Plans

DIY shed signs

Storage Shed Plans

Have you accumulated lot of stuff over the years are your closets and garage overwhelmed? The answer is providing extra storage without building onto your house. If you need extra storage then you can build your own backyard storage shed,  you will need to start with a good set of blueprints. 

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