DIY Backyard Clothesline | Build Your Own Clothesline

DIY Backyard Clothesline

Build Your Own Outdoor Clothesline

If you were lucky enough to have grown up on a farm or in earlier times more than likely you experienced clothes drying on the line in the backyard. If not and you want a DIY backyard clothesline experience for your own then visit this page.

It has step by step instructions on how to build your own clothesline with some brief history into why it may matter to you. Whatever reason or reasons you may have for constructing your own clothesline there are a variety of advantages, some are obvious like no drying energy bill or the fresh smell.

Those individuals that want to create a smaller carbon footprint will enjoy this idea and gain the benefit of clean and fresh smelling laundry. Maybe you like the idea of putting out all your laundry on the line at the same time (if so make sure you make it big enough) and save drying time and your time.

There are a few pointers that you want to make sure you pay attention to like using the right line so it doesn’t rust. Also some may argue that the clothes may feel stiff from drying outside, if that is something that bothers you just toss it in the dry for a few minutes and problem solved.

Another idea is that not all your laundry has to dry on the line but rather select items, like sheets or diapers (if you use that type).

Besides drying laundry a clothesline comes in handy for other items as well, like cleaning large area rugs from your house, or drying out a sleeping bag after a not so wonderful camping trip. There are numerous other uses as well and once you have one you may come up with your own ideas.

So get started on your own DIY backyard clothesline today and reap the benefits!